Day to Day Technology

Written by Toru Dutt

Technology is technical knowledge of stuff which aims to make work for a human easier and smoother. With the help of technology in optimized manner one can keep moving more effortlessly.


In the current lives, technology has become an important part of each day, or one might say it has become a lifestyle itself. It is helpful for every single person alive, whether it is a student or one’s grandparents, everyone is using technology. It connects you to your loved ones- your family and friends across the globe, it benefits your knowledge- on a single click you can information about many things, technology now is very handy- literally everywhere you move you are surrounded with technology. Also technology can help you save a lot of time of yours.

As we know, everything has two aspects, good and bad, the same goes with technology. Whereas technology can be very beneficial for one, it can also be worse for some people if not used wisely. Too much use of social media, mobile phones, excess and wrong use of internet can lead one to psychological and physical problems; also it can bring depression to one. If one spends its all the time on technology, he/she can be leading to a bad physical health and also technology can drain one’s mental health. Therefore, using technology wisely and appropriately is the key for overall wellbeing of a person.

Sensing Technology

Day to Day Technology:

In modern times,Day to Day Technology has updated to a large extent. Now, people can do everything through their phones, whether it is shopping, business, banking, studies, etc. People who are away from their family and friends can anytime just talk with them on a video call which can make one feel like they’re actually together. Now, many people do trading with the help of phones only, you can place orders or sell products online. Whereas for students, internet is very helpful tool which can teach them and they can search and gain knowledge about anything on it. Lives of people became much faster and more mobile with good technology. The modern technology no more requires a person to drive a car, the auto pilot mode in cars will drive you to your destination effortlessly. In the near future we can say that soon Robots will be working for humans, whereas there are already cleaning robots available in market which can clean your space once you switch them on, which is going to save a lots of effort and time for humans.

 Basically, Day to Day Technology made day to day life much easier for everyone. In a nutshell, one can say that one can be largely benefitted with help use of technology and we can do wonders with the wise use of it.

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