Amazing Features That You Must Look For In A Password Manager

Amazing Features
Written by Toru Dutt

Here are some amazing standard features that you should look for in the latest TECH of Password Manager before settling on an individual password manager:

  • Secure password generator

Every password manager consists of a secure password generator that is extremely essential and even plays a critical role in helping you to create unique and strong passwords.

Moreover, password generators offer amazing customization options that help you adjust the length of your password and even make you choose the special characters, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters, as per your choice.

  • Save and autofill passwords

This is one of the essential features of a password manager as the password auto fill simply eliminates the need to copy-paste or retype the username and passwords every single time you log in to your accounts. On the other side, your password manager will even allow you to easily save newly created credentials via it’s save feature.

  • Multi-platform support

Support from multiple platforms is essential to ensure that you can easily access your password vault on any device that you’re using.However, a password manager generally supports four major platforms:- Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS. In addition, it should also have browser extensions on major browsers which make it easier to fill in all your required details on any login page.

New Technology

  • Powerful security

Password manager leverages various encryption protocols that help to ensure that your online data is always secure and safe from all cybercriminals.The current industry standard and AES 256-bit encryption are common now! Password manager even supports multi-factor authentication for additional security through several authenticator apps and sometimes from the hardware security keys.

  • Best recovery options

The recovery option will help you easily regain access to your vault if in case you somehow forgot your master password. You just need to check which recovery options your password manager supports and understands how it works.

  • Secure sharing

A password manager easily allows you to share the important documents and credentials that you stored in your vault. In addition, many password managers even allow you to export your vault data. This mostly comes in handy when you want to switch to an alternative or have a local backup.

All things considered, keeping all the password in a single place sounds both safe and dangerous as well depending on the specific situation. However, if you use the latestTECH of password manager with caution will result in increasing your password security. Moreover, this tool might even save you time by simply allowing you to auto-fill or log-in information on websites faster and make you enjoy your browsing experience that you would never before!

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