Methods To Maximise YouTube Likes Without Paying Anything

Maximise YouTube Likes
Written by Toru Dutt

After Google search, YouTube is the second largest search engine. People use YouTube for everything from promotion, entertainment education. If you have to quantify it, then YouTube gets twenty-two billion visits every month. The number is enormous, but it’s true. That is why people are willing to throw money to that the desired number of likes and views.

Some very dicey and shoddy enterprises operate in this ecosystem. Even if you spend money, you might not get the desired results. At the same, the algorithm of the platform is getter smarter every day. It’s not easy to outright buy the numbers. If that number does not benefit the channel, the numbers may not have that much significance. So, getting organic traffic still the best way to get YouTube likes. There are methods that you can exploit that get excellent numbers to your channel. These methods are legit, but you can master them and you in the long run.

Why buying YouTube likes is not a good idea?

If you are in the marketing space and looking to get instant likes and views for your channel, buying the numbers from some might seem a perfect answer. Earlier it used to work well, but now with an evolved algorithm. That might not yield your desired results. The current algorithm of YouTube can detect bots much better than earlier. And it won’t take much time for them to the right off your gains. Also, getting YouTube likes through paid means is a costly affair. That’s why you should look for methods to exploit the current algorithm and get organic numbers.


Generate likes from organic search 

Just like Google search YouTube also has its algorithm. Both have the same parent company, so that you can expect the same wonders from YouTube’s algorithm too. There is a full-fledged industry to optimize Google search engine. So there is no reason why you can’t get YouTube likes by optimizing YouTube’s algorithm.

Bet on keyword-rich titles

The game of keywords starts here. If you use a descriptive title and use the targeted keywords, it will provide the search engine relevance to sort the videos. Now, the question arises that how will you know which keywords to use. For that, you can use the keyword planner platform and find the keywords which are gaining popularity. You will see a graph on the forum. You can choose the keywords which are taking an upward slope. Use those keywords strategically in your video description. Then, wait for the magic to happen, the exercise will give you more views, and manyYouTube likes.

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